Cupcake Overload!

It's been a busy couple of months here. Lots of orders and weddings going on. Plus a lot of cupcake classes too!

I've also been on the hunt for more vintage pieces to add to the collection for the vintage china hire as well. Hopefully launching this year.

Wedding cupcakes in various flavours and a top cutting cake.

My main goal this month is to get up to date with all the business admin- you'd be surprised to know how much there is!

Another piece of good news is Jessica's Cupcakes got a 5 star rating from the council. Yay!

Two new books I've got this week are "Peggy Porschen Pretty Party cakes" and "May Clee-Cadman- Cakes for Romantic Occasions" lots of wonderful inspiration in both.

This weekend I have a Vegas themed wedding with a Dice top cutting cake and card suit cupcakes. Great fun!!

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